FAQs – Resonance 2023

What is Resonance?

Resonance is an innovative retreat focused on electronic music, nature and consciousness. For three days, people join each other on a shared journey to their deepest natural selves, full of love and compassion. Through a specially curated program (see below), the group is challenged and surprised to experience, share and celebrate their natural selves.

What is Resonance not?

Resonance is not a festival. There are not multiple stages with performances by artists of diverse musical genres. It is not a spiritual gathering. There is no alcohol, drugs, psychedelics or other stimulants.

What does the program look like?

The chronological program is deliberately not shared in advance, because we want to surprise you as a visitor and take you along on our journey together. We feel it is important that you know approximately what to expect. Expect a program consisting of high-quality DJ sets (ambient, house, techno).meditation, breathwork, Qigong, soul movement, ecstatic dance, delicious and healthy food, silence, nature, awareness exercises, personal development exercises, sharing and visualization.

What's in the €397,- weekend ticket?

We like to take good care of our people. The €397 weekend ticket is all-inclusive. That means: entrance to the event, parking, camping spot, breakfast, lunch, dinner, fruit, snacks, use of the estate with all facilities. Electricity and glamping accommodations are available at an additional cost.

Which artists are performing at Resonance and why them?

We are pleased and proud that Dominik Eulberg, John Talabot and DJ Isis are performing at Resonance 2023. Each of them expresses their love for consciousness, nature and music in authentic and creative ways. Want to know how they experience and share this? Then come to Resonance! 🙂

What are Resonance's house rules?

To make our visitors’ experience as valuable as possible, we have the following house rules:

  • Use of alcohol, drugs and psychedelics are expressly prohibited (the organizers Wouter and Joel are not anti alcohol and drugs, however from experience they know you don’t need these substances to reach very high highs, that is what Resonance Retreat is about)
  • Do not wear lavish decorations, outfits, and excessive makeup or the like.
  • Phone off or in airplane mode during the event (phone number of organization can be passed on to the home front)
  • Love nature and each other

Where does Resonance take place?

Resonance 2023 will take place on the Energy Up estate. The address is Wielseweg 9 (3896 MB) in Zeewolde.

How can I get to the location?

By car: Just enter the address in your navigation system (f.e. Google Maps) and you will easily find it. There will also be road signs near the location.

By public transport: It’s a little adventurous, but surely possible! Get on a train to Almere Station and take the OV regio bus IJsselmond 160, heading towards Zeewolde mast. Exit the bus at stop FlevoNatuur/Wielseweg Zeewolde. It’s about 25 minutes walking distance from there to Landgoed Energy Up.

Is there anything special I need to bring with me to the festival?

Additionally, to your usual travel and festival necessities (camping gear, plate, cutlery, bowl, cup), it is good to also bring a yoga mat, blanket and pillow. Even though it is a summer festival, it’s good to also bring some warm cloths as it might get chilly during some evening activities.

Can I drink alcohol at the festival?

Our event is toxicity free!

Can I choose my own camping spot or will I be assigned one?

You can choose your own camping spot at the moment of your arrival. First come – First serve!

I have special dietary requirements. Do you offer special meals?

We will do our utmost best to offer you healthy and delicious meals according to your medical needs.

Please let us know any special dietary needs per app: Wouter Metz – +31646945880.

Who can I contact for additional questions?

You can contact Wouter Metz at +31646945880.

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