“The deepest connection to yourself and others you will find when you are in a state of pure ‘being’. Being is the gateway to joy, clarity, intuition, connection and your purpose in life.”
– Joel aan ‘t Goor.

During the Resonance Retreat ‘Connection’ has a central place. Connection with yourself and connection with others. Of course music and nature will play an important role in this. But there is more. During Resonance you will also sink into your ‘being’ through his workshops.

Joel aan ‘t Goor will give many different transformational workshops. You can expect workshops about purpose, personality, intuition, consciousness, the power of the mind and the essence of life.

Most of these workshops will be very experiential. The profound exercises that you will go through are very powerful and consist of time-tested methodologies. Some of them have remained under the radar for a very long time. Joel has been fortunate enough to have discovered these methodologies, and after years of study and practice, combined them with modern methodologies in a unique way. Expect new angles on meditation, silence and movement. Expect an enlightenment intensive.