You might have heard these words from Dominik: “Nature is the biggest artist of all.”

During the Resonance Retreat you are going to see, smell and hear nature like you have never done before. Learn about the extraordinary animals and plants around us and experience the divine beauty of nature around us through contemplation.

Together with Dominik you will experience nature in Dominik’s ‘own backyard’. You think you have seen him in his element when he is DJ-ing? Then get ready for the Dominik that will take you bird watching during day time and bat watching during night time.

Furthermore Dominik will give workshops about nature, insects and birds. You will experience contemplative nature experiences. You will experience that nature observation can be the key to happiness.

You can explore the area around Resonance. You can venture out and even consider to walk or bike (parts of) Westerwald’s seven lake bicycle tour.